Sunday, 9 January 2011

Commemorating 2010 "Year of the Hats"

It all started with a family member in great need of a hat due to a medical condition. I found a pattern that I ended up liking so much that I made one for myself and another for Betty.
Example above (this one is Betty's)

I was then asked by a group of close friends to sew patches onto 100 hats for a winter tour (apparently custom embroidery is quite expensive)
The process:

I was provided with plain black knit beanies and large sheets of the screen printed logos which I then cut out with a rotary cutter.

finished product
  Then sewed the patch on with the hat inside out so when the brim is flipped up you can see the logo.
The hats sold out very quickly so I ended up making 150 more and shipping them across the country for the rest of the tour.

I am excited that fans enjoyed the hats but I am even more excited to have these hats out of my space and get working on some new pieces in 2011!

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